How it works

Kids at iVYKA follow four simple steps to obtain mastery in a subject. These four methods are fundamental to any learning process and there are no shortcuts or alternatives to these.


Kids learn a new subject or skill at school from their teacher, parent, tutor or from a number of videos on the subject at iVYKA.

Task Assignment

Tasks are then assigned by the parent, kid's teacher or tutor by signing in at

Kids Sign-in

Kids sign-in into iVYKA and see the tasks assigned to them by their parents and teacher. iVYKA provides a clutter free, advertisement free environment for the kids to attempt the tasks. Kids can also select any task to practice on their own.

Instant Results

As soon as kids click finish, iVYKA analyses kids answers and provides them with instant results through a simple start based rating.

Instant Reports

iVYKA provides realtime results and analysis of your child's progress. You can get an accurate understanding of your child's strengths as well as areas for improvement.

You can also see your child's performance over a period of time. Teachers can see additional stats about their class.


Reports help understand the areas of improvement of a child. Once, the skills that need to be worked on are known, the cycle of practice & monitor is repeated till confidence and results are achieved in the subject.

iVYKA can also auto-suggest kids the subjects they should practice the most.

I can do this !

Knowledge empowers. This is the stage when the child has the confidence and capability to apply their knowledge to solve existing problems and attempt solving new ones with enthusiasm and inspiration.