Practice (still) makes perfect

iVYKA is a practice site for kids (key stages 1 and 2)* on a variety of skills and subjects. It provides a systematic approach from simple to complex exercises in which the parent and teacher work together with the child to enhance their understanding and monitor their progress.

* Key Stage 1 is Year 1 and 2. Key Stage 2 is from Year 3 till Year 6

1945 tasks, 29 skills practiced

Parents: Provide your child with a strong foundation and see them improve the skills they learned at school, from their tutors or from you. Click here to find out how.

Teachers: Improve and monitor your students understanding and confidence in the skills that you have taught them beyond the time restrictions of a classroom. All for free.

Kids: Practice (still) makes you perfect. Stay ahead of your class by practicing and testing your knowledge on various subjects.
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