iVYKA is created by a father and daughter team.

When I started to help my daughter in her studies, I felt that she needed to practice what she learned at her own pace and gradually build her confidence on the subject. At the same time I wanted to measure this progress as she moved from easy to progressively difficult tasks. The standard worksheet printing approach wasn't too exciting, neither were the Maths only websites. Hence, we build Ivyka. - Father.

..but isn't homework bad ?

Too much of anything is bad. A quick search on the internet will show you both sides of the argument.

iVYKA believes when a child has learnt something new on a subject, it must be practiced to enhance the learning and understanding and should be at the child's pace in an interesting and fun way.

While the child practices and builds confidence, you as a parent or a teacher can monitor and measure this progress and will be provided with detailed information of the child's grasp of various skills within different subjects.

Practice still makes Perfect. Learn --> Practice --> Improve --> Monitor and Master is an age old concept and its effectiveness undebatable.

Try out iVYKA and see for yourself the improvement your child makes.